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Forest Fires

Sudden forest fires contribute to loss of forest cover. Over 20,000 incidents of forest fires are reported ever year in India caused both by natural and accidental causes. Not only do these fires lead to loss of valuable carbon sinks that tackle climate change, but also lead to loss of wildlife, degradation of water catchment, compromised soil systems

Unsustainable NTFP Harvesting

Over extraction and unsustainable extraction of NTFPs causes forest degradation as more and more people extract these resources to support their livelihoods. More than 300 million people in India depend on forests for sustenance. Ensuring that NTFPs are harvested sustainably is key to protecting India's forest cover.

Fuelwood Extraction

Fuelwood extraction remains a key cause of forest degradation in India as more than 67% of rural households depend on fuelwood for their daily needs. Access to alternative energy for forest-dependent communities is required to reduce presure on forests through fuelwood extraction.


India’s cattle population is almost a quarter of the country’s human population which puts it far beyond the carrying capacity of the agricultural and forest resources available to support it. Unchecked grazing in forests is a key cause for forest degradation as young growth is damaged and healthy trees are lopped off to meet fodder demand. cattle.